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We are the team of developers, UI/UX designers and marketers - everything you need to bring your project idea to the market and been profitable. We operate since 2012 with headquarter in Buffalo, Wyoming.

Simple Development Plan

We provide our customers with the best tools and technologies available.


The first step is a Design Thinking workshop focused on user needs. We will care about all aspects of future app. The result of this is a user-tested digital prototype. Then, we refine the UX and move to creating top-notch UI design in the second phase.


The second phase includes building an agile MVP. The aim of this part is to quickly create a product, test it with users and adapt it to their needs. We start with a kick-off meeting, during which we plan the development and create a clear roadmap for the future.

Commercial Product

The third stage is further product development in the lean methodology. The team continues gathering feedback, developing the product and integrating it with existing systems. In the end, we deliver an outstanding commercial product tailored to the market.

Support & Maintenance

The important part of any tech business is product support and maintenance - we will help you to improve your app over time and to maintain your infrastructure at affordable price. We offer dedicated support service to guarantee your satisfaction.

Growing from the ground any business idea could be a hard task and this is a time to partner with a trustful development partner to bring with success your new software product from stage of planning to the stage when your idea is attractive for your customers and will generate you the revenue. Each step in software development cycle have its own purposes and important to understand the content and roadmap of each step. We divide our software development services into 4 major block which are easy to follow.

The importance of prototyping for your business

Software Product Prototyping is your first step in your way to success as a product owner and critical for your business. Usually the stage of rapid prototyping with takes from one to three weeks depending on your idea difficulty level. Why prototyping so important? Your application prototype is the fundament of your future product which will describe not only the design, but also the way how your customers will interact with the user interface. Prototype will help to layout all interface blocks of your web or mobile application and will provide the insights what could be the user actions and how to select the most effective strategy to call your customer attention to create better monetization scenarios and the ways how to extract more revenue. So, what is exactly the prototype? Application prototype is a draft design of the original design layout which precedes the development of Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Depending on the nature of your application it intended to show the structure of future software product and the interrelation of its main pages. Prototyping will save you time and money while developing the MVP.

Main reasons for prototyping

  • The ability to provide your customers with the complete idea how will look the final result of your application and its functionality.

  • The possibility to streamline the mobile app design development process with the special attention to the most important elements of user interface.

  • At early stages it is possible to identify the elements in UI which not carry much importance, could be abandoned to cut the development costs or could be done at later stages during continuous development.

  • Prototyping will reduce the whole workload for the designer and the project will require less hours for design implementation what will result in saving your money.

  • Having implemented the application prototype you will have more space and mechanisms to start to market your idea.

Minimum viable product development (MVP)

Another important step in software development cycle is minimum viable product development. MVP development is the continuous improvement and the growth of your future application. Without importance if you are a small start-up which only came to the technology field or a well established business, developing a MVP will be the best strategy to check out your idea before entering in the development of commercial grade software product.

Benefits of MVP development

  • One of obvious benefit of MVP development is it low cost. The idea behind all MVP is to create couple most important features of the future mobile or web application to reach your potential customers and find out if you could capture customer attention which will lead to the success of your business idea. While costs for MVP development could vary most of them will never cross the amount of $50K.

  • The ability to find out real market value of your application. Launching the MVP will provide you with the real market conditions and valuable statistical data which will provide you with the answers for most important questions: if the application features really aim at solving the problems you found and what is the difference of your solution comparing with the solutions provided by your competitors.

  • The shortest possible time from idea to the market. As a common rule the development process of application MVP should not take more than 3 months. Depending on functionality will build your MVP withing 1 month to 3 months time frame.

  • Real user early feedback will help you to define fast what are the strongest points of your projects and to what parts of application you should to pay more attention.

  • Minimum viable product development will lead you to quick first revenue and will exposure to potential investors. While frequently the expectations from MVP in monetary sense are low, you will have enough information about the financial potential of your business idea and the ability to estimate the revenue upon application improvement.

Commercial Product Development

During new commercial product development your application will get from the stage of the concept to mature software product. We will refine all parts of user interface and underlying functionality taking in account the information, statistical data and user feedback receive during previous phase - minimum viable product development. While the timeline is completely depends on complexity and the amount of features common time for commercial application development is around 6-8 months.

Support and Maintenance Services

The final and important step of any software application life cycle is technical support and maintenance. This is the time to gradually improve your business idea, fixing any possible bugs, refining the application code base and continuously delivering new features. provides full cycle development and complete development and marketing services for startups of all sizes.