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Do you have clients you would like to help by outsourcing their project to dedicated software development company? Outsourcing is the common practice for partnering in software development. While we can carry all duties with your customer it is up to you to be our representative, talking face to face with your end customer and having CreativeLambda completely at your backstage. We offer different forms of opportunities how to work and earn with us depending on how much you involved into any of development stages. You don’t need to care about the team of programmers, maintaining the office, or billing the customer - we will do it. So, without any preliminary efforts you will get in your hands the well rounded professional team of developers ready to bring your customer idea into live.

As bottom line commissions we offer 10% of the contract value as the reward for intermediary.

What is the difference of our program with any kind of affiliate marketing? That is simple to explain - we don’t offer just some fixed amount of reward, but offering to become a partner leaving in your hands enough power over your client. The final decision of how much you or your team would like to be involved in the project belongs to you and we are open to co-work in different directions such as marketing or design. Our Development Partner Program will generate for you a significant amount of additional income, will create impeccable reputation in software and technology world, helping bring to the market amazing product ideas. Feel free to contact us using the Partner Request form to join our company.