Top reasons to become a mobile developer or software engineer

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  • 30 Apr, 2020
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Top reasons to become a mobile developer or software engineer

Today we are going to talk about if becoming a mobile developer is just for you and what benefits can bring building career in technology business.

The development of software is a very vast field, joining different interests and is demanding, creative and can result in high rewards. Becoming a developer you will have the opportunity not only learn about the business itself but also about different kind of emerging technology. Below is the list of most common reasons on why you might want to become a professional software engineer.

Why choose a development career: monetary aspects

One of the most usual ways to choose the career is based on demand in specific sector of economy and based on salary offering. What really is the chain in its nature - if more demand in specific career, more salary paycheck. And technology field will meet both. The demand of web and mobile application is doubling each year while the amount of developers grow slowly. This is the case where you could benefit from the imbalance of job market. Businesses creates their ideas in a matter of minutes and the developer will need years of learning and practice by writing the code. So, obviously, the salary vary because of the experience you have as well as depending on industry and business niche of the company. But, in most cases your salary will exceed $50K per year.

There are some skills which are extremely useful for software engineer: problem solving, creativity, ability to learn continuously, effective communication and collaboration with team members. Let us take a time to explain some of them in details.

Problem-solving skills

If you really love to solve problems developer career is just for you. You as a technical specialist will constantly deliver solutions for your customers. There are a lot of different problem solving skills required for mobile developer or software engineer position - such as the ability to split the whole goal into smaller steps which will provide you the ability to gain more control of been managed. Another great skill is the ability to think in parallel, rearranging and optimizing your tasks to save some time. This touch not only time but also the ability to build scalable solution for future, which should not to be re-builded each time when a parameter changes. This mean that you should be able to write quality abstract code for future re-use. Not everything needs to be builded from scratch and there are plenty amount of libraries already built which you can reuse in your projects and save an additional time in development.

Be creative

The need of creativity is another great reason to become a mobile developer or software engineer. Developer career is quite not the same as the career of Graphical Designer or Writer, but still have a lot things in common. You must have and use your creativity to describe in best possible way the program expressing this description by writing program logic. As well you must be able to take a side of average user of the application in order to provide the solution easy enough to use.

Work structure based on projects

As a mobile apps developer you will work on different projects - large and small ones. The great news is that each of them will bring you absolutely different set of functionality, technology stack and will give you an opportunity to learn new technics, tools, different systems and architectures. Work based on projects is one of the best way to explore your limits and creativity - you will always have some time bounds and will move forward to new exciting project after past has been successfully done.

No limits to learn

The technology world is emerging and fast pacing environment - everything is moving extremely fast. And such conditions require continuous learning to be up to date, because you want to move forward developing yourself and to become more experienced along with the tech. This creates the opportunity to learn without any imaginable limits.

Collaboration with team members

The common picture when imaging a professional developer is a programmer sitting alone and writing the code all day long is not actually the real picture of the realities of the software engineer career. Most projects involve a great number of developers what mean that most of time the developer work in team and not alone. So, in addition of technical skills and abilities, the developer must be able to work in team and have communication skills. You will often need to work with other team members to share your ideas and knowledge. The verdict is simple - communication skills are extremely important for mobile developer or software engineer.

Is development right for me

If most of points represented above sounds like what you love to do - go for it without thinking much. Developer career will convert your live in amazing journey, will bring you economical freedom and the freedom where you want to live, in case if having enough experience you will decide to convert your full time employment into full time freelancing. There are a lot of freelance and remote opportunities to work in area of technology.

In future articles we are going to discuss in details all pros and cons of the work as independent contractor versus normal full time employment based on past experience working 3 years as a full time freelancer at Upwork.